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"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on" ~ Winston Churchill

Reservations & Party Booking Policies

Before you get all dressed up and invite the guests to your next keg party, please read up on how reservations and party bookings work here.

Our first priority is ensure that you can drop in without reservations and enjoy the experience.

  • Reservation. A group of up to six people. See "Online Reservations" below.
  • Booking. A group of seven or more people. Please call at least a day in advance to see if we can accomodate your group. For larger groups an advance deposit and/or minimum sales contract may be required. For more information on booking a large event please check out our party planning page.

Online Reservations

We take reservations for lunch only. This means that none are available after 4:00 PM. If you can't reserve a table online it doesn't mean we're full, it just means we are not taking reservations. To place your reservation please click here.

Or, Just Show Up

On busy nights, the worst case scenario is getting your name on the wait list and having a drink at the bar while our hosts find an appropriate table for you. On most nights you can show up and be seated immediately. Upon arrival please give our hosts the information they need to help you:

  • Let them know the exact number of people who are attending, keeping in mind that we can seat a maximum of 12 people at one table (if still available). If your party is larger, we may have to split you up. Note that your group can only be seated when the majority of your party has arrived.
  • If your party is more casual, with people coming and going, please ask our staff to seat you in one of our bar seating areas.
  • To help maintain a reasonable speed of service, we have a "one table, one tab" policy.
  • A 15% service gratuity will be added to group checks.

We look forward to seeing you!

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